9 Commercial Outdoor Lights to Radiate Your Surroundings

Good commercial outdoor lighting can be a huge asset to a business, and this is because it can make an establishment feel much more welcoming and appealing. It’s also important to note that well-lit areas are much safer, which means that when you invest in integrating well-designed lighting fixtures into your commercial property, you’ll be able to protect the safety of your establishment and its customers.

They also have environmental benefits, such as saving energy and reducing the building's carbon footprint. When outdoor light bulbs are designed with LED lights, they last up to ten times longer than older light bulbs, and offer the opportunity to do the right thing by using less electricity while providing more illumination than traditional ones. That being said, let's look at some of the best outdoor lighting available in the market.  Led Tri-Proof Light

9 Commercial Outdoor Lights to Radiate Your Surroundings

Kadision LED Wall Packs are an efficient and cost-effective way of lighting up large spaces. They create a wide spectrum of light that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It also has a color temperature of 5000k and a shatter-resistant structure to make it last longer.

Kadison LED Wall Packs  can withstand extreme weather conditions without being damaged. These LED wall packs are perfect for areas in need of better lighting or improved security as they provide better visibility at night than traditional streetlights.

LEDMO LED Stadium Flood Lights are one of the best solutions to reduce the electricity bill while providing safe and secure environments. These lights are manufactured with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, they can offer you many colors and are high in brightness.

This commercial outdoor lighting has a color temperature of 5000K, which is perfect for any kind of environment. The LEDMO Flood Lights have a rating life up to 50,000 hours, which means they will provide you with bright illumination for a long time and reduce the maintenance costs for your company. They are very easy to install and can ensure energy savings of up to 75% in a stadium.

150W Outdoor LED Flood Light is a powerful, corded electric light that is designed for outdoor use. It comes with an aluminum material case which makes it both safe and reliable. This light also has a dusk to dawn photocell sensor so it can easily be used during the day or night.

Ideal for all outdoor applications, this 150W Outdoor LED Flood Light has a simple design that is easy to install.

TorchStar LED Barn Lights are made of metal and ensure long-time durability. The lamps are also water-resistant for exterior use. This barn light has two mounting ways, making installation easy. It's also waterproof and durable with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

This commercial outdoor lighting comes with a 5000K color temperature, which makes colors more vivid and bright. Torchstar LED Barn Light is the perfect barn light for any situation - whether you are looking for a durable lighting solution or you need to install it in wet areas as it is waterproof!

The STASUN 200W LED Flood Light provides a solution for a variety of lighting needs; it has a wide-angle lighting design, which makes it perfect for outdoor lighting, and its 6000K color temperature creates a beautiful white light with high brightness.

The Flood Light is also equipped with OSRAM LED chips for maximum illumination and has a wide-angle design for optimal coverage while preserving your energy bill. It can provide 9000 lumens output and has a photocell design that detects light levels and adjusts the brightness according to the environment for optimal brightness.

Omibrite’s UFO High Bay Light is an innovative lighting solution for commercial and manufacturing applications. It is designed specifically to save energy, be durable, and provide high brightness levels. 

This commercial outdoor lighting can be used in warehouses, factories, or any other large area that needs lighting.  UFO High Bay Lights also come with a motion sensor that can save energy by detecting when people are in the area and turning on the lights only when needed. The large aluminum-made heat sink ensures fast dissipation, which proves to be an essential factor why this light provides a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. 

The UFO High Bay Light has a 5000K daylight temperature so it provides a bright white color that looks like natural sunlight. It has 27000 lumens to provide wide coverage without the need for shadows or dark spots.

Lovus Commercial Street Light is a smart streetlight designed to replace old-fashioned streetlights that are not only costly but also consume a lot of electricity. It is a smart street light that can be installed in two ways; the first installation method is to mount the CCL on the ground with its radar sensor at the top while the second one is to mount it on a wall or pole.

The Lovus Commercial Street Light comes with remote control and light control, which allows for easy operation of the wireless street light system. It is perfect for remote areas where there are no street lights. Installed with a 6000K daylight temperature, it can save electricity bills because it doesn’t use any lights during the daytime.

Oayataco 300W Parking Lot Lights are one of the most popular products thanks to their water resistance, easy installation, and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. Furthermore, it can be used for multiple purposes such as car parks, construction sites, warehouse docks, and more. 

Built with strong aluminum material, the lights are quick to install which requires no expertise. This commercial outdoor lighting is also IP66 waterproof which means that it can be installed in any weather conditions.

The KCCCT light is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly product that has an easy installation and a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. This light is suitable for many applications including parking lots, warehouses, hospitals, and laboratories.

It features an advanced LED light bulb, and a wide application in parking areas, ramps, loading docks, and warehouses. Installation is very easy and doesn’t require any wiring or electricians. 

The power supply is corded-electric which makes the parking lights more efficient when compared to traditional power sources like generators or solar panels.

9 Commercial Outdoor Lights to Radiate Your Surroundings

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